12 Dec 2012

Why Photo ID Badges Are So Important

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For the vast majority of businesses, the security of a building is extremely important as it can be associated with the integrity of a company. If staff and visitors are seen to be wearing photo ID badges it sends out a message that this particular establishment takes their security very seriously.

A Sense of Community

By wearing photo ID badges, employees are able to identify one another and this often creates a sense of community within a workplace. Photo badges lead to familiarity and this often makes staff feel more comfortable and confident about approaching fellow members of staff including senior members. If an employee comes across a person inside a building who is not wearing a photo ID badge they will feel more able to approach this person and question why they are inside the workplace.

Fraud is Reduced

One of the great things about photo ID badges is that it enables a face to be matched to a person instantly. This makes the risk of impersonation far less likely, which is an important factor in certain businesses where confidential or sensitive information is accessible to certain employees. ID badges can express the integrity of a company and this integrity can be further enhanced by the addition of a photograph of each individual member of staff.

A regular ID card is easier to copy because it may only involve the printing of a person’s name which may go undetected depending on what type of system a business has installed. Adding a photo simply increases the actual level of security because the holder has to be the person on the card. This could reduce the risk of theft because a photo ID badge would be useless to a different person. It would be near impossible to try and impersonate a person by stealing their photo ID badge and this is why theft levels are kept to the bare minimum using this system.


Obviously photo ID cards are considered to be the building blocks of security systems for numerous companies around the world but they also have other uses which can further enhance the security of a building.

This type of ID card can allow or restrict access to specific areas of the workplace so that only certain people can enter and gain entry to different rooms. This enables more senior employees to gain authorization to look at sensitive records but prevents this type of information being seen by the wrong people. In places like hospitals and governmental buildings, these systems are invaluable for maintaining confidentiality.

If photo ID badges are used in colleges, schools and universities, they can be multi-functional. Students can use them to pay for school meals, for travelling on public transport and to register their attendance each day. This allows time and attendance records to be much more efficient than the old style roll call.

A security system which features photo ID cards is an inexpensive and easy way to maintain security levels within any type of environment. It can help to boost staff moral and increase general feelings of safety amongst employees and visitors alike. A building where there are a lot of people could be considered a target for criminal acts such as terrorism so it’s essential that security is the top priority. Photo ID badges fundamentally mean that workers can quickly identify one another, safe in the knowledge that they would easily be able to spot an intruder.

What type of security system does your company have? Do you use photo IDs? Does it give you an added sense of security or are they cumbersome to always have with you? Does the added security out weigh the inconvenience? We’d love to hear your opinions.

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