07 Jan 2013

When is Social Media Use a Crime?

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Check out this blog post on Fox2now.com. At what point is poor taste and offensive behavior on social media a crime? Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance believes a number of folks he has seen mimicking the Sandy Hook shooter in a threatening matter should be prosecuted. “These issues are crimes,” he said. Laws against online harassment vary widely, and it’s often not clear when a crime has been committed. A Missouri woman, Lori Drew, was convicted in 2008 for illegally accessing a computer in a well known cyberbullying case, but a judge overturned the conviction. Lauri Stevens, a social media strategist, sums it up, “We don’t have a lot of legal precedent. So people are at a loss for what to do.”

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When is Social Media Use a Crime? | FOX2now.com – St. Louis News & Weather from KTVI Television FOX2

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