28 Sep 2012

When Bright Young Minds Can’t Afford College Quote

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When Bright Young Minds Can't Afford College Quote

When the best young minds can’t afford college there is surely something wrong with the system. How can we expect to stay ahead of the pack if we can’t stretch out our skills based lead?

Where do you stand in this debate? Is it even an issue? Please leave a comment so we can get the debate rolling.

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One Response to “When Bright Young Minds Can’t Afford College Quote”

  1. Mrs. Mobunny says:

    Plenty of *bright minded* young people have been successful without college. Bright young minds see the danger of running up college debt for a specific field/job, never to land in that perfect place. Bright minded people can learn on their own, almost for free today. Dull minded people prefer the government, through taxes, to pay for these kids to go to school, only to find out their major was wine, women, and song.
    Instead of paying an enormous fee to some liberal college, use that money to start a small business…..and make it work.