26 Jun 2013

What cost undercover Policing ethics?

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With news coming out of the UK that undercover police officers have fathered children with woman whilst undercover, seeking “dirt” on the family mourning the loss of a child killed in a racist attack who were campaigning for justice and even one officer potentially letting off a small bomb in a store to continue their cover today I’m asking two questions:

1. What cost undercover Policing ethics?
2. Are similar acts being carried out in the US and if so to what end?

Where do we draw the line between intelligence gathering and outright abuse? If a child is born to an under cover officer and then abandoned to never know their true parent is that OK? Is it right that resources are spent trailing a family grieving the loss of a loved one in order to dig up dirt and smear their name to the media in order to distract against investigative failings? And should officers ever commit an offense such as letting off a parcel bomb in order to maintain cover?

The shocking revelations coming from former under cover officers in the UK are causing a national scandal at this time but are such tactics limited to the UK or are they going on here? And if they are to what extent should we condone such behavior for the sake of intelligence gathering?

I welcome your comments and views below.

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