07 Nov 2012

What Can a School ID Program do for you?

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These days it’s extremely important to have the correct security system installed in your school. Using a photo ID program is an efficient way to kick start things. Today, the majority of students can use their ID cards to pay for school meals, gain access to certain parts of the school and to allow staff to know which students are present each day. An efficient school ID program can increase safety levels for staff and pupils alike and can offer convenience, given the amount of functions that it can be used for.

School ID Program 101

Photo Identification

In most schools its commonplace to find students, staff and faculty carrying a photo ID card. This allows everyone else to be aware who people are and ensures that no intruders can wander around the school unnoticed.

Staff and Faculty IDs

Ensuring that staff and teachers are wearing visible photo ID cards enables them to be easily identified by students. These cards are also reassuring to see because they mean that the person wearing them belongs to the school and can be approached by a student safely. It’s also essential for visitors to the school to be aware of who the staff are, should they require any assistance.

Visitor Badges / Temporary IDs

Installing a Visitor management security system is one of the best ways to protect your school. The best way to run a visitor program is to print and issue the passes to visitors at the school. If a visitor has registered his or her name at the front desk then they will be given a visitor pass to wear around the school complex while they are there. This is essential to prevent unwanted guests or intruders into the grounds of the school. The fact that the ID pass has to go through a reader means that there will be a computerized record of every person who is wearing a pass.

Increase Student ID Functionality with Mag Stripes and Barcodes

Library Check-Out

Since the 1990s most public libraries have seen the development of barcode systems, and this is now the case in borrow books, return books and any other library items by simply swiping the magnetic stripe or scanning the barcode.

Meal Plans

By allowing students to use their ID cards to pay for their school meals, this system has been welcomed by parents for the convenience and ease. A system may involve a student signing up for a set amount of meals or a parent being able to load the card by putting money onto it. This takes away the usual Monday morning headache of having to find the correct amount of cash needed for the week’s meals. It also means that your child is not carrying cash around so this makes it a safer system.

Attendance Tracking

Since the introduction of ID cards, teachers no longer have to rely on a morning and afternoon roll call. The students can actually check themselves in by scanning or swiping their cards when they enter the class room. This makes it far easier to see who may be truant or absent because of illness.

Event Access

Students can now use their ID cards to gain access to school sporting events and other occasions such as plays. They can also enjoy free night time football games by displaying their cards. Many universities and colleges can use their IDs to pay for public sporting events such as a basketball game. If there are any special events on at campuses such as guest speakers, then students need to use their ID cards to be able to take part in such occasions.

Rewards Programs

Using ID cards as part of a rewards program can be an excellent way to encourage kids to join in more. Many universities award prizes to the students who attend the most events so this is a good incentive to get people involved. Cards are scanned upon entry, and these details are stored to show exactly who was in attendance.

Payment for Everyday Services

Many colleges and Universities have a cash-free system available for students so that they can pay for everyday essentials such as snacks with their ID cards. They can do photo-copying and print off any information they need by scanning their ID card and this will automatically cover the cost of whatever service they are using. This is a particularly good idea because it allows parents to help their kids out financially with the general day to day stuff.

Access Control

ID cards are very effective at controlling which people have access to certain places within a school, college or university. The photos alone can establish who has the authorization to enter certain places. Some ID card systems use the latest technology so that entry can be keyless in places such as school dormitories or places where sensitive information is held.

Electronic Records

Because of ID cards, students can store their daily schedule details so that they know exactly where they need to be at a specific time. This is an effective way to monitor individual class attendance and awarded credits. Records are generally kept on IDs with magnetic stripes, smart chips or 2D barcodes.

Parking Passes

Another way to increase school ID card functionality is to integrate them with school parking. Many schools allow students, faculty and staff to park in allocated lots while using their IDs to get access or actually pay to park. This makes entering and departing the school premises more convenient.

Bus Passes

Student and staff ID cards can be linked to a payment system so that they can swipe their cards when boarding trains or buses. In similar systems, the ID cards simply need to be shown to gain access.

Print On Both Sides for More Versatility

Emergency Contact Info

By having access to emergency contact details printed on the back of a student ID card, this enables them to waste no time in the case of an emergency. They will simply be able to get in touch with campus security or the police if they need to.

Personalized Medical Information

If a student has a specific medical condition then these details can be stored on their student ID card. For example if someone has a nut allergy or chronic Asthma then having this information to hand could actually help to save someone’s life because a medical professional would know immediately what the problem was and how best to treat it.

There are lots of ways that you can utilize a school ID program so that your particular school, university or college runs smoothly and efficiently. Schools should definitely take advantage of modern technology to allow them to flourish. From school meals, parking and attendance, there are many functions to an ID card which can be added to any program.

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