23 Nov 2012

What Are The Best Options For Reducing ID Card Printing Costs?

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With more and more businesses relying on ID cards as part of their security systems solution, organizations such as hospitals, schools and governmental departments are looking for ways to reduce the cost of printing. Given that around 24% of employees or students will lose their ID cards or have their cards stolen, this could result in printing costs spiralling, depending on the size of the organization. So we’ve put this guide together in order to give you some ideas for reducing your ID card printing costs.

Reduce Your ID Card Printing Costs

Ways to Save Money on Printing Campus Cards

Wherever possible, universities, schools and colleges should have immediate access to their own ID card printing equipment. Having your own equipment will work out far cheaper than paying a printing company. It will also make it easier to replace lost or stolen cards immediately, rather than having to order them to be reprinted and then waiting for them to arrive.

Although printing equipment will swallow up a portion of a university or college budget, it should be considered an investment. The best types of ID card printers have features which can produce encoding, barcodes, magnetic stripes and microchips. A card printing machine is the most economical way to produce large volumes of campus cards in a short space of time.

If your campus budget won’t quite stretch, then there are many reconditioned ID card printers. As long as equipment is maintained per the manufacturer operations manual, there is no reason why a reconditioned printer should not meet the needs of your campus or facility.

Multi-functional ID cards are another option

Another fool proof way of reducing your id card printing costs for campus cards is to ensure that each single card is multi-functional. As well as serving as an ID card, students should also be able to pay for meals, public transport, gain access to different areas of a campus, such as the library, or even use their ID card as a debit card. By giving one piece of plastic numerous uses, there is less need to print several cards for each student.

If buying equipment is not a viable option then a university or college could perhaps reach an agreement with an ID card printing company, where discounts are awarded for loyalty. This would benefit both the printer and the campus administrator as both parties will be getting a good deal. Perhaps a contract could be taken out whereby so many reprints are available per year for free. This would reduce the cost of having to pay for lost, stolen or damaged cards to be reprinted.

Alternatively, you could charge a penalty to students or staff who need to have their campus cards reprinted more than once. This may make individuals more careful about looking after their ID cards and keeping them safe, because they would be aware that they might have to pay for a new card out of their own pocket. As statistics show that nearly a quarter of card holders will lose their cards at some point, the savings to administrators could potentially be substantial.

What has been your experience? Have you historically bought your own ID card printing solution or do you go back to an external ID card printer for lost cards? How has that worked for your budget? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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