11 Dec 2014

Top Pressure Cooker Reviews

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1. Fagor Pressure Cooker – The Leading Brand
Fagor Pressure Cooker is one of the most discussed kitchenware products for its durability, safety features and affordability. It has been manufactured by one of the largest appliance distributors in the continent, and in operation since 1954. It was considered as one of the pioneers of cooker in the United States before microwave ovens have taken over.
Fagor cooker is made of 18/10 stainless steel that provides you a quick and easy way of healthy meal preparation. It reduces cooking time to 70% much earlier, while still retaining important water soluble vitamins and minerals. Not only that, foods cooked in Fagor cooker proved to be delicious and mouthwatering since the flavors are intensified during the cooking process. Also applicable with delicate foods and vegetables in which you can lower and release cooking pressure as quickly as you want. This is perfect for pot roast, stews, soups and savory sauces.
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2. The User Matters; Safest Pressure Cooker
Cookers made from Fagor are definitely safe. It has 4 safety features that can prevent incidents like blowing up cookers in your kitchen.
The features listed below are the safety mechanisms of Fagor pressure cooker:
* Primary over-pressure valve – an integrated release valve that releases pressure when it over-rises.
* Self-locking handle – a self-locking mechanism that prevents opening the cooker when it reaches a certain level of pressure.
* Secondary safety valve – that reduces excess pressure in case the first feature clogs-in or over-pressure.
* And lastly, in case when two mechanisms fail, a gasket will buckle and allow some pressure to be released in the cut-out of the lid. When using this feature, point this away from you to avoid injury.
3. Press the Pressure Cooker; Easy Control!
Fagor pressure cooker is very easy and simple to use. Regarding with its control features, Fagor cookers have a heavy duty stainless steel construction with a triple safety system that allows steam to not accumulate inside the cooker. It has an impact-bonded aluminum in its base that distributes even heat on the cooker.
The control dials have only 3 settings; the OPEN, REMOVE, and PRESSURIZED. Controls interlock, for safety, security for users. Just in case any of the safety mechanisms doesn’t work, automatically other features will kick in, and this makes it one of the safest cookers to date.

With its durability, many cookers do malfunction after a certain period of time when washed in a running tap regularly. Fagor pressure cooker is a dishwasher safe; cleaning will definitely be a no sweat. If do happen that the cooker malfunctions, Fagor guarantees and offers a 10 year warranty period for every purchased cooker. So as a consumer, you can buy the Fagor pressure cooker with great assurance that any glitches in its performance for the next decade will be rectified with free cost.
An excellent quality product starts with an excellent quality of safety. There is no other brand when we talked about efficiency in pressurized cooking, no doubt you can only see it in our Fagor pressure cooker.
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