14 Feb 2013

This House Would Not Censor Hate Speech On College Campuses

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As with any debate you have to consider both sides of the argument. This week we’ve been debating hate speech at length and whether it should be censored. Well today I’d like to bring you this infographic which takes the argument a point further and looks at the specific example of whether we should censor hate speech on college campuses or whether that is an infringement on open debate and free speech.

We’re playing devil’s advocate somewhat on this for on the grounds of freedom of expression to censor hate speech is just like censoring the ideas of students as well hindering free expression and the exchange of ideas thus stopping education. Do you agree?

Please read through the rest of the arguments made this week by seasoned Police officers who have dealt with this issue on the frontline and seen the affect on communities first hand. Take in their arguments, think through the debating points and please leave your comments below or any of these themed posts so that we can take the debate forward.

Please use the hashtag #hatespeech if you want to join in via Twitter.

This House Would Not Censor Hate Speech
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