12 Feb 2013

This House Would Censor Hate Speech

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As we continue this week’s themed debate on hate speech we bring you the first of our infographics on the subject. This graphic succinctly lays out the points as to why we should censor hate speech.

For my part I believe any gesture which might incite violence towards an individual or group is hate speech. It’s a hot topic that’s been doing the rounds of recent on college campuses for hate speech is damaging to a person’s psychological health not to mention the general relationship harm it inflicts on the wider student body.

Do you support the idea that we should censor hate speech or are you in favor of it? Take a look at the below graphic, consider the arguments made by our seasoned Police columnists all this week and have your say. Please leave your comments below and share the debate on Twitter using the hash tag #hatespeech.

We look forward to hearing your views.

This House Would Censor Hate Speech
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