19 Feb 2013

This House Supports Random Drug Testing At Schools

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Recreational drug use by teens has got out of hand and is a sad indictment on our society. If we are to correct this ill our society we must start to think about radical solutions for the status quo is just one long spiralling epidemic of use and abuse. So today we make the case for the random drug testing at schools of the student body.

Many students feel that their rights to privacy would be violated by such a practice but we have to weigh that against the greater harm that early recreational use and later dependency has on lives. Stop the problem at source and you go some way to avoiding the tragic waste of life we see so often on our streets.

As such the below infographic argues the case as to why random drug testing at schools should not only be welcomed but also made mandatory.

As ever we welcome your input and comments below.

This House Supports Random Drug Testing At Schools
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2 Responses to “This House Supports Random Drug Testing At Schools”

  1. Debate Of The Week: Is The Random Drug Testing Of Students A Good Or Bad Idea? says:

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  2. Chief Scott Silverii says:

    Great infographic. I agree that drug testing is critical. Tomorrow I’ll contribute to the debate in The Badge Guys.