21 Feb 2013

This House Does Not Support Random Drug Testing In Schools

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All this week we’ve been looking at the issue of random drug testing in schools. Is it right to do this to students against their will or do the benefits of stopping a problem before it takes hold out weigh such considerations?

Well today’s graphic makes the clear argument against random drug testing in schools policies. Kids/students have rights to privacy and we need to respect them. If authority figures invade their privacy in this way they will be even less trusting and less inclined to co-operate with such figures in future.

In addition the use of such a blunt instrument criminalizes all and is not intelligence led. As such this graphic argues against the use of random drug testing of students but do you agree? Please leave your comments below and share this graphic with those who you think will be affected by this debate.

This House Does Not Support Random Drug Testing In Schools
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Dan Simane is an ID card designer by trade and writer and reporter on the ID industry. Whilst a believer in ID cards for facility security he is very much against voter ID laws.

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