16 Nov 2012

The Case for Concealed-Carry on Campus

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There have been numerous occurrences of tragic shootings in schools, colleges and universities over the years. However, following a shooting spree at Virginia Polytechnic in 2007, the debate began again in earnest as to whether students should be allowed to carry a firearms on campus concealed about their person.

The Case for Concealed Carry on Campus

Many people can feel intimidated or uncomfortable if they are aware that people standing nearby are openly carrying weapons, so by having a firearm hidden from sight, the feeling of unease should be reduced. Nobody would automatically know or assume that a student was carrying a gun so it would not cause significant unrest. Instead, it would offer peace of mind to the particular individual student who chose to carry a gun as they would feel comfortable knowing they could defend themselves against an assailant.

Unlike open carry, concealed carry can maintain the element of surprise which enables any potential assailant to be less guarded when a person suddenly produces a gun. If a potential attacker is unaware that a person is harbouring a weapon, they are far more likely to disregard this person. This would give a person carrying a concealed weapon the chance to draw their weapon to try and control the general situation or protect themselves. Indeed, having a concealed weapon could help to buy more time if an innocent student was under threat.

During crimes such as mass shootings on campus, it would be natural for students to take cover, perhaps under a desk or inside an unused room to try and protect themselves from being shot at. However, a desk is not the best form of self defence against a fanatical, homicidal criminal, so during these extreme circumstances, concealed carry could mean the difference between living and dying. A student has the right to feel safe while trying to study for their future and should not have to allow themselves to be an easy target.

Open Carry Individuals Can End Up As A Prime Target

Many people who use the method of open carrying can make become a prime target just because their firearm is visible to an assailant. For example, if a criminal came into a bank or a fast food restaurant, they would target the people who are openly carrying a gun first. This is because these people are seen as a threat to the robbery that they are intending to carry out. They are far more likely to open fire on people who are openly carrying. In essence, this means that concealed carry makes you less of a prime target to criminals.

Controlled Concealed Carry

Open carry is more prone to reaction and feelings of discomfort while concealed carry is seen as a safer, more controlled form of self-defense. Open carry is also known to increase crime rates because fanatical social deviants can push the boundaries about this law and can carry several weapons and mass amounts of ammunition at the same time. In short, statistics show that open carry attributes to the majority of inappropriate anti-social behaviors in general.

If every person in the USA were permitted to openly carry a firearm, it would be impossible to distinguish which people were law abiding citizens and which people were carrying with deliberate intent to cause harm. Open carry has the potential to cause one to open fire during an attack by an unarmed criminal. Many people may need counselling after shooting somebody accidently because it could affect them psychologically. It is difficult for the law to be black or white regarding open carry. Some people argue that open carry does not openly invite crime while others say the opposite. At least it can be said that concealed-carry certainly does not invite violence or crime. Students using the concealed-carry method would only be doing so to protect themselves from an armed assailant.

Given that most campuses don’t have metal detectors or bag searches in place, it’s only fair to allow students the basic human right to protect themselves while on the premises. Although security measures have improved greatly since the 2007 shooting massacre, there are still no guarantees that these crimes won’t reoccur in the future. With these facts in mind, it’s time that students were allowed to be given the choice to carry a concealed weapon if they want to.

Have you been the victim of a gun attack? Do you feel strongly that you should have the right to carry a concealed weapon on campus? Or do you believe the risks of an accidental shooting are heightened when more people are carrying concealed weapons at any venue? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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