22 Jan 2013

The Case For Concealed Carry Guns On Campus

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We are all sadly far too aware of the carnage and pain caused by acts of wanton violence on seemingly peaceful college campuses. As discussed yesterday by our columnist Juli Adcock in her post ‘Should studens carry guns on campus‘ the incidents have mounted over the years it has become apparent to many that the security status quo on campuses cannot continue with the case for concealed carry guns on campus becoming ever harder to argue against.

The Case For Concealed Carry Guns On Campus

For what are the other options we face?

1. Sit on our hands, do nothing and hope the criminality will stop? Not in my lifetime.
2. Spend ever more on school and campus security to the point where they become nothing more than open prisons and, like the prison system, bankrupt the tax payer? Yeah it would be nice if it worked but with the best will in the world no security team can be in all places at all times especially when facing someone carrying automatic weapons in a crowded and confined space.
3. Finally allow the only people who can make a quick and decisive difference when facing a lunatic with an assault rifle to be armed, namely the students themselves.

It’s a sad fact but the genie is well and truly out the bottle as far as guns are concerned. We’ll never be able to account for the hundreds of thousands of guns which are out there even if an outright ban was brought in tomorrow. It would leave too many deadly arsenals in the hands of criminals and leave us law abiding citizens in a very vulnerable situation.

With college kids in this very situation day in day out, vulnerable and at the mercy of others, it is time we at least consider concealed carry guns on campus as a solution. This infographic we have put together argues the points in kind. We welcome all feedback on the issue and debate. Please feel free to embed it on your blog to encourage discussion so we can try to find a solution to this important topic.

The Case For Concealed Carry Guns On Campus
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