25 Jan 2013

The Case Against Concealed Carry Guns On Campus

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All week we’ve been debating the rights and wrongs of concealed carry guns on campus. For the most part the posts have been supportive of the rights of students to carry guns as a defensive measure to protect against the kind of horrific incident that happened at Virginia Tech just a few short years ago.

Concealed Carry Guns On Campus

Why College Is No Place For Guns

Well today, to round out the week, I thought I’d play Devil’s Advocate and suggest some of the reasons concealed carry gun policies on college campuses are a bad idea. In any debate it’s important to consider both sides of the argument especially when such a debate sparks such emotive discussion.

Schools and colleges are places of education. Students should be free to learn in an environment away from every day violence. We need to do more to ensure they are protected in such environments without making it incumbent on them to carry lethal weapons. It happens in other Western countries, why can’t it happen here.

It’s important that security professionals, charged with their protection, come up with robust policies to effectively enforce gun free zones. I’d go so far as to argue that teachers and lecturers (and admin staff) be the ones who are armed rather than adding such an extra concern to the students themselves.

They attend school and college to learn and that is what they should be focussed on not thinking about how best to protect themselves. So today I want to at least provide this graphic.

It is one important take on the topic as to why concealed carry guns on campus is a bad idea. Please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and your blog if you agree.

The Case Against Concealed Carry Guns On Campus
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