28 Nov 2012

The Benefits of Using a Biometric ID Card System

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Biometric data contains information about a person’s body. These days, it’s common for businesses to rely on biometric security systems by issuing individual employees with an ID card which holds information such as their fingerprint, voice recognition, iris, facial movement and body movement. The most commonly used body part for biometric security is a fingerprint. No two people have the same fingerprint so this allows ID cards to be completely unique.

A biometric ID card system is marginally more expensive to install than a regular security system but the benefits outweigh the costs.

Extremely Reliable

Unlike other ID card systems, biometrics differ because they give an employer an accurate account of time and attendance. A person would have to record their actual attendance in the workplace in person. The old ID card system could be manipulated to a certain degree because an absentee could ask a colleague to swipe their card for them so that they would not be recorded as sick or absent. With a biometric ID card a person will only gain access to a building if the security system analyzes, recognizes and identifies their unique fingerprint, voice, iris etc. This makes it far less likely for intruders to gain access on to premises.

Improves Accuracy

Regular ID cards are great for security purposes but are not fool proof at recording staff attendance. During individual case studies, it was found that certain members of staff had been registered as being at work despite the fact that they were absent. This could be down to fraud or certain anomalies in the outdated systems. Because it is actual DNA that is recorded on a tiny microchip, each individual has to be identified separately before they can enter a building so that if their DNA has not been recorded on a certain day then they would be marked down as absent from the workplace. Fundamentally, employees are using their own fingerprint to punch in and out of work each day and this makes it far easier for management to see which workers are late or off sick.

Leading Edge Technology

Biometrics are likely to replace all ID card systems because of their fail safe methods. The 21st century has made it possible for large amounts of information to be stored onto a tiny microchip and then embedded into plastic. Companies have carried out trials by using biometric security for certain lengths of time and have been amazed at the overall improvement to the way that their business has run as a result. It was found that the number of employees taking unauthorized leave decreased dramatically and the majority of people were more punctual. In essence, biometrics can help to save companies money by encouraging better attendance.

Cuts Crime Levels

By using biometric security technology in places such as hospitals, schools, universities, government sectors and military bases, it prevents unauthorized access, reduces the threat from terrorism and potential acts of crime such as murder and robbery. Potentially, it could stop imposters from carrying out crime, for example, an unqualified person posing as someone else in order to gain something, or cause harm.

In the past, certain people have posed as doctors to gain access to hospitals for various reasons, so a DNA style ID card would put an end to these types of criminal acts. Biometric technology can also be useful at controlling who comes into a country illegally and is often used for students who are applying to extend their visas. This prevents individuals from living in a country when they are legally not entitled to. It’s also an excellent way of preventing benefit fraud which costs the government millions of dollars each year.

There are certainly many benefits of using a biometric ID card system. This modern technology has undergone exhaustive testing to prove its dependability so businesses can be confident that it’s an efficient way to control security in their buildings. Eventually, it is believed that all other ID systems will become obsolete and replaced with biometrics.

Do you think that it would be a good idea for every citizen to carry a biometric ID card? Or is this a step too far?

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