01 Oct 2012

The 5 Best ways to Deploy Covert Surveillance Cameras

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Using surveillance cameras can help businesses save money by gathering evidence of employee misconduct, malpractice, theft and fraud. In 2012 it is common practice for the majority of buildings to operate these cameras although generally, the public are usually blissfully unaware that they are being watched. This is because the actual cameras are positioned so that they are hidden or they are masquerading as something else.

Hidden cameras are also regularly used for matrimonial surveillance in order to try and gather evidence that a spouse is cheating on his or her partner. The evidence which is gained by using this means could be used in a divorce case where infidelity has been proven.

Office Equipment

Thanks to modern technology and the bonus of wireless and battery run systems, it can be possible to hide a camera on a person’s desk. The most common places to conceal a surveillance camera are in a box of tissues or even on a hole punch or stapler. This form of ‘spying’ is usually only necessary under extreme circumstances where a particular employee is under investigation for whatever reason. A high resolution camera attached to a desk lamp would capture the perfect images because of the angle at which it is positioned, giving it the advantage over an overhead hidden camera.

Water Sprinklers

Most large offices and business such as banks and clothing retailers have a sprinkler system in place. If this is the case then it would be relatively simple to hide a tiny surveillance camera inside a sprinkler head on the ceiling. If a building does not already have a sprinkler system then the sudden appearance of one may raise suspicion amongst staff. These types of cameras have a downward angle so may not always capture people’s faces, but may be effective for capturing any wrong doing. Banks and other financial institutions regularly install this type of covert surveillance system so that they can see exactly what transactions are taking place.

Thermostats and Security Key Pads

These make the ideal housing for a hidden camera because they are generally located at eye level. The camera can pick up the movements of staff and customers inside the room and alert management to any suspicious behaviour. As well as fraud and theft, managers would see if certain members of staff were ‘slacking’ and taking longer breaks than they were entitled to.

Owners of smaller businesses would benefit from having a hidden camera to see whether their employees could be trusted when they were away buying stock etc. An owner would clearly see whether an employee was giving goods away for free or ignoring cases of theft from customers. Even discovering whether an employee is lazy or a conscientious worker could be of huge benefit to a business.

Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings

For businesses and offices, a wireless high resolution camera could be discreetly fitted to a picture frame, a TV screen or even a laptop. Spying through a computer has become possible thanks to cyber-surveillance technologies improving considerably over the last few years. If you suspect that someone is ripping your company off or simply being lazy, then these methods of spying are the best ways to catch them out by gathering all the relevant evidence that you will need to either prosecute or dismiss the employee.

Smoke Detectors and Ceiling Speakers

Many large stores and financial institutions use smoke detectors and ceiling speakers to hide surveillance cameras. In many cases, they are over cash registers as they have an overhead viewing angle to pick up any discrepancies. In many cases, it’s the law to have a smoke detector so this type of covert operation should not arouse any suspicion. Not every building has ceiling speakers though so perhaps these should only be used if they are already installed to prevent suspicion.

Many child care facilities such as day nurseries like to have surveillance cameras in place in order to keep a watchful eye over the children and the staff alike. If a parent was to accuse a member of staff of anything untoward, then these cameras are there to provide evidence which could help to clear an employee’s name. Of course, it’s essential to have camera protection for the benefit of the safety of the children.

The fact is that there are cameras everywhere you turn. If you are walking down the street, the chances are that you are being closely followed by a camera. There are cameras on the roads keeping a watchful eye on drivers and cameras in hospitals and schools. Some may think that’s it’s a gross invasion of our privacy but no matter what the public opinion may be, surveillance cameras are here to stay.

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