05 Mar 2013

Things to Say in a Police Station

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Life in a Police station can be one of form filling, monotony and repetition followed by action, emergency response and…more form filling. So to honor our brothers in blue we hereby give you the cool/uncool things to say in a Police station. Try these out and see how you get on! Simply copy the embed […]

28 Feb 2013

National ID Card Cons: The Case Against National ID cards

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As we round out another week of debates it is time to look at the national ID card cons and the case against having a national ID card. The primary argument many people make is that they are a false insurance package and more of a surveillance charter than an effective security aid. After all […]

26 Feb 2013

National ID Card Pros – The Case For National ID Cards

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As our national ID card debate week rolls on, today we’re going to look at the arguments for them. For many on the pro side of the argument the infringement on civil liberties considerations pale into insignificance when weighed against the potential for saving lives that national ID cards would ensure. After all what point […]

21 Feb 2013

This House Does Not Support Random Drug Testing In Schools

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All this week we’ve been looking at the issue of random drug testing in schools. Is it right to do this to students against their will or do the benefits of stopping a problem before it takes hold out weigh such considerations? Well today’s graphic makes the clear argument against random drug testing in schools […]

14 Feb 2013

This House Would Not Censor Hate Speech On College Campuses

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As with any debate you have to consider both sides of the argument. This week we’ve been debating hate speech at length and whether it should be censored. Well today I’d like to bring you this infographic which takes the argument a point further and looks at the specific example of whether we should censor […]

12 Feb 2013

This House Would Censor Hate Speech

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As we continue this week’s themed debate on hate speech we bring you the first of our infographics on the subject. This graphic succinctly lays out the points as to why we should censor hate speech. For my part I believe any gesture which might incite violence towards an individual or group is hate speech. […]

25 Jan 2013

The Case Against Concealed Carry Guns On Campus

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All week we’ve been debating the rights and wrongs of concealed carry guns on campus. For the most part the posts have been supportive of the rights of students to carry guns as a defensive measure to protect against the kind of horrific incident that happened at Virginia Tech just a few short years ago. […]

22 Jan 2013

The Case For Concealed Carry Guns On Campus

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We are all sadly far too aware of the carnage and pain caused by acts of wanton violence on seemingly peaceful college campuses. As discussed yesterday by our columnist Juli Adcock in her post ‘Should studens carry guns on campus‘ the incidents have mounted over the years it has become apparent to many that the […]

14 Dec 2012

Another School Shooting Tragedy – Why Teachers Should Be Armed?

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With news just in of yet another tragic school shooting incident at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton, Conneticut, is it time we faced up to the fact that whilst guns are so readily available on our streets, schools remain an easy target? School and campus security teams can surely only do so much. Surely […]