04 Sep 2012

Stricter Voter ID Laws are Unfair

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One of your given rights as a U.S. citizen is being able to vote. But for many Americans, this privilege is being taken away from them due to stricter ID laws for voters. While many voter ID laws, including federal laws, are flexible and try to ensure that every eligible citizen can be identified and can vote, other laws are stricter and are preventing numerous Americans from having the right to vote.

This year, more than 20 million Americans will not be able to vote because they do not possess the correct form of photo ID required by law. This means that one in 10 voters will not be able to vote because of the law. Many Americans, including 25% of African Americans, and 18% of older Americans, do not have these types of photo IDs. This is because some of them are handicapped and do not drive, thus not having a driver’s license. Others simply cannot find their birth certificates, which they need to acquire a new ID.

These new laws not only affect a person’s right to vote, but they also affect our country as a whole. Millions of people could end up not voting during this year’s presidential election simply because they find it too hard to vote without the proper photo IDs. This could affect the election dramatically. Officials are predicting that many of the voters will be young people and also first time voters. But 18% of American citizens between the ages of 18 and 24 do not have the photo IDs they need to vote.

The laws will also affect future voters as well. First time voters will see how hard it is to vote without possessing a proper photo ID and will be persuaded not to vote in future elections simply because they will think it is too difficult. This will result in millions of people not casting their votes for decades to come.

Not only are these new voting ID laws unfair to American citizens, they are also unconstitutional. Denying people their right to vote is not a fair politic method. Voting is one of the few times that every American citizen is considered equal, and silencing millions of voices simply because they do not possess the correct photo ID is unacceptable.

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