01 Apr 2013

Police Silence, The Code & the Lamb

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Your Voice

The Badge Guys are super excited to bring you this week’s conversations about the culture, traditions and future of policing. What voice do you share in the communities served? Do you have opportunities for voicing your opinions, ideas or suggestions?

The “Code” in this week’s theme title refers to our self-imposed and cultural expectancy for Police silence. You will not find this as policy in procedural manuals, yet it is an ideal the fraternity has adhered to for centuries. Have the Sheepdogs become as silent as the lamb?

Beyond confidentiality, privacy or operational security, how are we progressing with transparency? Do we continue talking “at” the public, or have we learned to communicate “with” them?

Cultural Revolution

We are in the midst of a cultural revolution in policing. The traditions of past centuries of the Code have never encountered the power of social media. The most recent shining example of its influence was the historic Global Tweet-a-Thon this March 21st.

The simple hash tag #poltwt demonstrates and displays the power beyond the final data tallies. The world was invited to “Ride Along” with law enforcement. Over 200 police agencies in 10 countries, speaking 23 languages seamlessly united to share over 50,000 messages from their policing perspectives with other agencies, citizens and the media.

In every revolution there must be resistance. Resistance to change, technology, practices, or control is just a few of the most current challenges. Social media empowers the individual officer with a global audience and a promise for effecting change.

Challenges to Change

While the U.S. wrestles with the degree of free or protected speech afforded public safety employees, Europe continues their challenges with social media. The loss of the UK’s Inspector Gadget’s blogging presence was a setback for some, and signaled a possible shift in the battle for police social media revolutionists.

Resistance ignites revolution, and resistance fuels revolution. The Badge Guys are honored to be joined this week by two social media revolutionaries fueling the way for positive change and policing transparency.

Leading the Way

Global Tweet-a-Thon’s initiator Lauri Stevens and the UK’s voice of change @NathanConstable join the conversations this week. Straight talking Juli Adcock and truth stalking Chief of Police, Scott Silverii contributes to the conversations affecting our communities, our professions and our lives.

Here’s the lineup:
Juli Adcock = Policing and Social Media
Scott Silverii = The Cultural Revolution and the Role of Police Silence
Nathan Constable = Police Whistleblowers – Welcome To Great Britain 2013
Lauri Stevens of Connected Cops = Law Enforcement and Social Media – If I Had A Hammer…

Do you have a voice? Do you want a voice? Do you care? Join The Badge Guys each day this week to discover whether the Sheepdog fraternity is actually the herd of lambs.

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