08 Apr 2013

Police Dispatcher Week 2013; Thank You From – The Badge Guys

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Police Dispatcher Week 2013

Like any true blue blood, we are preparing for the annual National Police Week in Washington DC, May 12 – 18, 2013. To belong to the fraternity, the brotherhood, the cop culture means at least one pilgrimage during your career.

What preparations have you made for April 14 – 20, 2013? No, it’s not Easter. That has passed. If you do not know, then step into the line with the other thousands of police officers, administrators and citizens.

It is officially the National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. While our radio dispatchers may not have a memorial in the nation’s capital commemorating 911 Operators killed in the line of duty, these behind the scene heroes deserve our deepest gratitude.

police dispatcher week

In our careers we have complained because the license plate reply took too long, or were asked to 10-9 the spelling of last name more than once. We may have even turned sarcastic if our phone call was transferred more than once.

How often have we taken the time to observe, really observe what radio dispatchers do over the course of their shift? Do we realize that while our hearts are pounding in pursuit, or lungs searing as we bark out rapidly changing locations in a foot chase, that dispatchers feel every bit of pain, adrenaline and fear?

While their voices may not reveal it, that is their duty. Their calling. A steady, calming voice in the midst of a chaotic storm of excitement, uncertainty or danger. Like a parent reassuring the child it’s okay to turn off the light for bed, radio dispatchers have faithfully supported policing operations for generations.

The Badge Guys feature this series prior to Police Dispatcher Week to help;

  1. Make you aware of next week’s opportunity to say “Thank You.”
  2. Inform you, with the help of Badge Guy (girl) Juli Adcock, about the serious responsibility of dispatching radio calls in Police Dispatchers Duties – Their Role In Officer Safety Enhances Public Safety. (Tuesday)
  3. Introduce you to a special guest during a 2-part exclusive interview with Facebook’s very own “Diary of a Mad Dispatcher.” which can be read here (Wed & Thur)
  4. Educate you of the silent killer threatening every radio dispatcher – stress; thanks to another special guest & leading expert, Dr. Olivia Johnson (Friday)
  5. Encourage you to always be safe, and help your dispatchers keep you from harm.
  6. Engage you in conversations effecting our lives, our agencies and our communities.

While ironing your best dress blues for saying the final good-byes at Police Week, don’t overlook the opportunities to say “hellos” to the people in your communications control. Dispatchers proudly and kiddingly say they get to “Tell cops where to go,” so let them know how much you appreciate the directions on getting there.

Thank you for joining us and The Badge Guys look forward to you returning each day for our Police Dispatcher Week 2013; Thank You From  – The Badge Guys

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