10 Apr 2013

Interview with America’s Diary of a Mad Dispatcher, Part 1 – The Badge Guys

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This week’s focus on Police Dispatchers includes an “Interview with America’s Diary of a Mad Dispatcher”. The Badge Guys know that when you dial 911 for help in a crisis, you expect someone to answer that call. Beyond just answering the phone, you expect your crisis to be handled because of that call. How often do people consider [...]

09 Apr 2013

Police Dispatchers Duties – Their Role in Officer Safety Enhances Public Safety

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The police out in the public eye frequently catch news headlines for dramatic rescues, tense standoffs and human interest pieces in which cute puppies, kittens or ducklings are rescued from their escapades. Much like the old saying “behind every successful man is a woman”, truth be told, behind every successful officer is a great dispatcher. [...]

08 Apr 2013

Police Dispatcher Week 2013; Thank You From – The Badge Guys

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Police Dispatcher Week 2013 Like any true blue blood, we are preparing for the annual National Police Week in Washington DC, May 12 – 18, 2013. To belong to the fraternity, the brotherhood, the cop culture means at least one pilgrimage during your career. What preparations have you made for April 14 – 20, 2013? [...]

05 Apr 2013

Law Enforcement and Social Media: If I had a hammer…

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Law Enforcement and Social Media: If I had a hammer… building social media presence I was talking with a citizen activist about social media use during events such as protests when he made a simple, yet effective, analogy. That is, like any tool, social media can be used for good or bad. Take a hammer for [...]

04 Apr 2013

Police and Whistleblowers – Welcome to Great Britain in 2013

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A doctor and a police officer are both worried about management practices in their organizations. The doctor thinks that chasing targets is affecting clinical decision making and affecting patient safety. The police officer thinks that chasing targets is causing dysfunctional organizational behavior and affecting public safety. Both try to raise their concerns and both are [...]

03 Apr 2013

The Cultural Revolution & the Role of Police Silence

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The Cultural Revolution & the Role of Police Silence This week The Badge Guys discuss Police Silence The Code & the Lamb. In addition to Juli Adcock and me, two very distinguished forces join us; Lauri Stevens and @NathanConstable. The topic of a code of police silence and its effect on social media use by [...]

02 Apr 2013

Policing and Social Media

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When I first got into law enforcement, pagers were the rage; the few cell phones available were big, clunky and only made phone calls. By the time I retired, there were computers installed into patrol cars, internet capabilities were vastly increased with more and more households utilizing computers and the internet. With the advent of [...]

01 Apr 2013

Police Silence, The Code & the Lamb

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Your Voice The Badge Guys are super excited to bring you this week’s conversations about the culture, traditions and future of policing. What voice do you share in the communities served? Do you have opportunities for voicing your opinions, ideas or suggestions? The “Code” in this week’s theme title refers to our self-imposed and cultural [...]

29 Mar 2013

COP Model; Stand Alone Failure, Inspires Others

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Community Policing & Problem Solving The COPS Era, with a few exceptions is a series of missed attempts for addressing America’s frustration over the divisive period of the 1960s. The farce that it was something revolutionary by branding it as neighborhood-based failed to convince cops or communities. Ask any cop what are the central principles [...]

25 Mar 2013

Evolution of Policing-Community Oriented Policing Services

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In covering the political era and the evolution into the reform era of policing, we have seen a change in focus from very local control of police, to a higher level of outside influence primarily at the state level. Proceeding into the COPS or community oriented policing service era, the advent of the 1994 Omnibus [...]