26 Feb 2013

National ID Card Pros – The Case For National ID Cards

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As our national ID card debate week rolls on, today we’re going to look at the arguments for them. For many on the pro side of the argument the infringement on civil liberties considerations pale into insignificance when weighed against the potential for saving lives that national ID cards would ensure. After all what point civil liberties if a crazed terrorist gets through a simple screening process to blow people up? Surely the primary civil liberty we all have is to live? If centralized national ID cards ensure that the government can screen potential terrorists before they can carry out an atrocity is that worth the inconvenience of carrying a small piece of plastic in your wallet or purse?

Do you have a strong view regarding this issue? This infographic, National ID Card Pros – The Case For National ID Cards, lays out some of these points and how a National ID card would work in practise to help to every citizen and guard against identity theft. Isn’t it time to implement such a program?

National ID Card Pros - The Case For National ID Cards
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Dan Simane is an ID card designer by trade and writer and reporter on the ID industry. Whilst a believer in ID cards for facility security he is very much against voter ID laws.

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One Response to “National ID Card Pros – The Case For National ID Cards”

  1. Juli says:

    After recent reports of hackers gaining access to sensitive government networks, having so much information in one spot really makes me squeamish! :)