28 Feb 2013

National ID Card Cons: The Case Against National ID cards

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As we round out another week of debates it is time to look at the national ID card cons and the case against having a national ID card. The primary argument many people make is that they are a false insurance package and more of a surveillance charter than an effective security aid. After all a national ID card did not stop the Madrid train bombings in 2003 because terrorists are wise enough to work around such blunt instruments of the law.

Instead ID cards end up being a central repository of data to be used against the average citizen as a means of monitoring their behavior. Is this the kind of society we want to live in where big government is able to track our every move, our every purchase, where we’ve been and no doubt where we’re heading to? What next, a biometric implant so the government has a GPS locator on every citizen?

If such a dystopian future seems farfetched I wouldn’t bet against it. You have to fight for liberty and earn it. You have to guard against those who seek to control it. In short a national ID card would be nothing more than an affront to our liberty and the start of a slippery slope to fascism.

Do you have a strong view regarding this issue?

The Case Against National ID cards
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