18 Sep 2012

KYSS – Keep Your Stuff Safe!

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How many times have you been in a public place, maybe a coffee shop or bistro, and had to get up either to get another drink or use the restroom. The grand question in that situation is what do I do with my laptop, purse, etc. Well no longer fear! The KYSS (Keep Your Stuff Safe) Bag is exactly what you need. It seems to actually transcend time going back to the time when everybody was locking their bikes up on racks. It seems so simple yet possible effective. Maybe with a twist and a little more integrated technology rather than a chain and lock, it could turn up to be something students could find useful.

When watching the video though, the thief could have easily just lifted up the table, slipped the chain under the leg, and simply made off with the bag. I guess to everything there is always some “user error”

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