Join The Team

Are you passionate about law enforcement? Do you have strong opinions on the topical law enforcement issues and discussions and need a place to share your view point? If so we’d love to hear from you.

We welcome any active or retired law enforcement officers, criminal justice professors, attorneys, law enforcement trainers, criminal justice graduate students, school or campus security professionals and building security experts to join our writing team.

What kind of articles are we looking for?

Your choice of:
a) Interesting, topical discussions on law enforcement and security policies and procedures,
b) Your field experiences, observations and two cents on topical policing issues,
c) Celebrating unsung heroes and initiatives,
d) Crime stories and case law,
e) The history of policing and lessons learnt,

How long should they be?
650 to 1,200 words per article.

What kind of writing style do we need?
Excellent written English, grammar, spelling and syntax. Please no waffling long diatribes or flowery prose, instead aim for succinct, well-argued and reasoned points. We’re not expecting Pulitzer Prize levels but your style needs to be engaging and add value to the online discussion of your topic. Ensure to include between three to five sub-headings to help frame your discussion.

Oh and no Police bashing please, you’re in the wrong place for that! We welcome reasoned discussions on where you believe law enforcement policies to be going astray but this is not the place for overt bashing of law enforcement.

Include a Biography
Your biography should be between three and five lines detailing your background and professional experience. Please feel free to include links to your social profiles or your own blog. If you have a Gravatar account please let us know your email address so that your Gravatar profile picture can be displayed with your article. Go to and register for a free account if in doubt – it only takes a matter of seconds.

If you prefer to write anonymously please make that clear in your correspondence with us. We have published articles from well-known Police bloggers in the past who write under a pseudonym and respect your right to privacy. We will be very sensitive to your needs.

Where to Submit Your Voluntary Article
Please e-mail your article in the body of the e-mail to Guest Post with “Guest Post” in the subject heading. Please attach any photos you would like to accompany the article. We can only use photos that you own the copyright for so please do not just search Google photos for something vaguely appropriate as we won’t be able to use it. Instead send in pictures from your professional years whether that be pictures of your squad, precinct, car, gun, badge or you in uniform, something that brings personality to the piece. And if in doubt leave them out and we’ll source something to go with your post.

If you become a regular contributor to the site we will set you up with your own Author account and will discuss this in greater detail in our correspondences.

Intellectual Property
All submissions must be your own work and not copied from other published materials. You can quote and reference other work but we cannot publish plagiarised or scraped material. Once published the work cannot be published elsewhere and becomes the property of with your name as the author of the piece.