12 Nov 2012

It’s Not Easy To Spot Fake ID Cards

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It's Not Easy To Spot Fake ID Cards

Technology is fast evolving, especially when it comes to creating genuine and fake ID cards. It’s not always easy to spot a real from a fake ID (especially not as blatant as the one above) and it’s why all security teams need to stay on top of the latest scams as you will regularly find here at The Badge Guys.

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One Response to “It’s Not Easy To Spot Fake ID Cards”

  1. Anthony Tango says:

    Depending where or how they are made. There are a lot of mal order/internet sales that will produce whatever one wants, and other that will sell you the complete package.

    We recently had new creds made by a company that made sure who we were before they accepted the order. They have some very good safeguards as well. These are for ID only, not access control, and even if lost could not be used by other than the official bearer.

    While not a big proponent of “big brother” I would not object to some useful regulation of the ID Business so as to make access to the technology available to only legit concerns