29 May 2013

I Faught The Law But The Law Won

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In the above video a 12 year old kid challenges an officer as to why he had parked illegally when going to purchase a beverage. The officer, taking umbrage to being challenged by a minor in this way, refuses to tell the kid his badge number even when the kid in question tells the officer his name and does his best to ignore the kid for most of the time.

The video has already gone viral with close to 5 million views. So my question is does this set a bad example? Was the officer right to refuse to show the kid his badge number? Or would you have reacted the same way if challenged for such a minor violation?

I’d love to hear what you officers out there have to say. The correct, upstanding, civil part of my brain says the kid had every right to make such a request and pull the officer up on his double standards. The real world piece of my brain says the snot nosed little punk should get to school, show some respect and stop wasting that officers time with smart assed video commentary. I’m wrestling between the two but which part of my brain is correct? And since when did everyone start having video phones? I remember a time not so long ago you had to bench press 300 lbs just to be able to carry a video camera on your shoulder when going to Disney… or am I just showing my age?

Anyway that’s today’s minor debate of the day. Set a precedent and always set a good example or demonstrate an “I’m above the law” mind set to a kid and wonder why he’s throwing rocks at us in 10 year’s time at some riot or other? You decide for today you are judge and jury!

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