21 Nov 2012

How To Choose The Best ID Card Holder

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Those who manage and print ID cards for their organization often also make the decision as to whether card holders will carry or wear their badges. If the card is not used every day, often identification card managers will choose to have employees or card holders carry the card in their wallet in case identification is needed. Others choose to have their employees, members or students wear their badge while on duty or on the organization’s campus. As such administrators really need to know which is the best ID card holder for their needs. In this post we’ll look to fully explore all your options so you are best prepared when making your next purchase decision.

The Best ID Card Holder Options

If the card is worn, there are numerous badge holder options that will provide a secure way to attach a badge that needs to be in view or utilized throughout the day.

Armband holders

These card holders have an elastic strap that fits around the arm. The holder allows the identification card to be displayed while providing a card holder with free access to use both arms to complete the required physical work of a job. These are a popular holder for airport employees.

Strap Clips

These popular clips are a common choice among a wide variety of organizations. A snap with a vinyl strap provides an easy, secure way to wear badges.

Badge Reel

This round reel contains a retractable cord that holds the ID badge. When needed, the ID card will extend from the reel with the flexible cord. When it is time for the card to retract, the ID card can be released allowing the cord to retract back into the reel.

Credential File Wallet Holder

These nylon holders have compartments for an id card as well pockets for other items needed throughout the day, such as pens, change and notes.


These (typically 38 inch) nylon or decorative necklaces allow an ID card to be worn. The end of the lanyard contains a clip that attaches to the card and holds it securely. Some lanyards have a breakaway feature allowing for safety near machines or other hazardous places.

Hard Hat Badge Holders

These holders are perfect for construction workers who need to display their badge throughout the day. The holder has a velcro attachment that keeps the card holder attached to the hard hat.

Half Badge Holders

These vinyl half card holders are used with proximity cards. The holders allow a cardholder to swipe their badge without removing it from the vinyl holder.

Magnetic Badge Holder

Often professional advisors and retail associates need to identify themselves while wearing professional attire. These holders are often used as the ID card attachment as they keep an ID card close by magnet attachment.

Whichever option you choose make sure it is right for the security requirements of your facility.

Which is your preferred id card holder option and why? I know I have my favorite for ease of access but what’s yours?

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