20 Dec 2012

Electronic Student ID Tracking Has One Student Fighting Back

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I’ve been monitoring the on-going story about Texas high school student Andrea Hernandez for some time with interest. The young sophomore is refusing to wear her school ID card because the card allows school authorities to track his movements and location and the case has ended up in the courts.

Whilst I understand the young ladies civil rights argument I think we need to look at what the school is trying to achieve and that is the fact that if a student is not at school then they do not receive funding from the state. So this is one means of attendance tracking that can also be used for other things as well in the school environment such as lunch room purchases or media center checkout.

I think she will need to understand that this is only the start of her role in the working world. If she is going to get a good degree from some big college she will also need an ID card for use at her college and that may also track her whereabouts, where she shops and how much she eats at the cafeteria. Now let’s say she gets a high powered job at some big important government facility do you not think they will give her an ID card that will be able to be tracked as well?

If, as her defense claims, she is all worried about the writings in the bible and the mark of the beast then she better look a lot closer to what is happening with the dogs and cats of this world. They all get micro chipped by injection with the small microchip inserted under their skin to track and identify them. Humans are not that far from being next in line for this kind of technology I’m afraid to say.

I think she better get used to it if she wants to get and keep a job in today’s world. Many places now require you to log onto your computer with an ID card. So as they say no tickey no laundry (no card no job).


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So tell me what do you think? Am I being too hard on the young lady? Should she have to get used to being tracked in such a way? Have we already surrendered too many of our civil liberties or does the school have a point in trying to keep her safe and on track with a good attendance record? Please leave your thoughts and comments in the below comments.


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