17 Aug 2012

Drugs and Alcohol – What Are Your Top Fears This Semester?

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 College is a time for self-discovery. It is also a time when your child will probably be exposed to a lot of different drugs that you’ve never heard of. Marijuana, hallucinogenics, cocaine, alcohol and even a new drug known as “bath salts” run rampant through college campuses. And one of the scariest aspects of some of these drugs is that people are inventing so many new ways to make them that lawmakers can’t quite keep up.

 Over the past couple of years, there has been a surge in the use of synthetic drugs in America. These types of drugs are made of legal chemicals that impersonate the effects of amphetamines and other illegal stimulants.

 The drugs are sold at tiny, independent mom-and-pop stores in ambiguous packaging that leads most folks to believe that they are simple common household items, such as incense, plant food and bath salt. But these substances are actually extremely powerful, mid-altering drugs that have been linked to people acting in sadistic and strange manners nationwide, such as the episode of the Miami man eating off a homeless man’s face.

 Even though President Barack Obama signed a bill into law this month prohibiting the production, possession and sale of more than 24 different kinds of “bath salt” drugs, health professionals believe lawmakers will not be able to keep up with the constant new techniques drug makers are using that aren’t covered by the new laws.

 The U.S. prohibits the sale or possession of any substance that mimics the effects of illegal drugs, but only if federal prosecutors can prove that they are intended for human use. The “bath salt” drugs and others like it have “not for human consumption” printed on their labels, making it extremely difficult for law-makers to prove their real purpose.

 Parents need to be aware of these synthetic drugs and their effects on people. “Bath salts” are becoming the drug of choice at a lot of universities and colleges because they are easily accessible and very affordable. You should explain to your child just how dangerous these drugs can be for their health and warn them to not use them and to not associate with people who distribute them.

 Even though law-makers can’t crack down on these synthetic drugs, you can crack down on your kids to keep them safe.

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