11 Feb 2013

Debate Of The Week: Should We Censor Hate Speech?

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This week we are debating the issue should we censor hate speech. Where do we draw the line on free speech and how much does such censorship infringe our constitutional rights? Are we better to let the cranks and haters speak freely knowing their words are often the best means of extinguishing their message and driving down support and does censorship drive such activity underground and actually make such individuals and groups more dangerous? To what end does hate speech incite violence and drive communities apart?

We will be debating all these issues and more throughout the week. We welcome your feedback and input. Please leave your comments at the bottom of each blog post and join us on Twitter for live discussions using the hash tag #hatespeech.

Here is the schedule:
Regular columnist Juli Adcock is here with the article ‘Hate Speech Legislation In The US – Are More Laws The Answer?’

Dan Simane publishes a great looking infographic arguing the case for why we should censor hate speech.

Chief of Police Scott Silverii is back with another hard hitting column this time titled ‘Hate Speech Vs Free Speech – Why I Hate Hate Speech’.

Dan Simane returns with another infographic this time bringing together all the arguments as to why we should not censor hate speech.

One Response to “Debate Of The Week: Should We Censor Hate Speech?”

  1. Chief Scott Silverii says:

    Thanks for bringing this topic to the forefront. Appreciate being allowed in the conversation, and look forward to a lively week. #hatespeech.