08 Jan 2013

Debate Of The Week: School Safety and Emergency Preparedness

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This week’s string of expert posts look at the issue of School Safety and Emergency Preparedness. Is your school prepared for the unexpected? Are safeguards in place should 911 fail or an active shooter event take place? How safe are your kids under such plans? Is your school being effectively patrolled? When was the last time your school performed a rigorous security plan review? In short is your school as safe as it can be or are there still holes in your plan? There’s no time like the present to be sure.

Here’s The Schedule
Juli Adcock takes a hard look at the kind of school safety security plan review checklist every school should action. Have you? If in doubt check this out:

Juli Adcock is back this time looking at the issue of mass evacuation and checking how robust your plan is should the expected happen:

Juli Adcock at the most effective security patrol techniques to secure your school facility. This is definitely an article worth checking out:

Juli Adcock returns with a stark warning, complacency can kill! Learnt from in the field experience and definitely worth your attention:

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