25 Feb 2013

Debate Of The Week: Is There A Case For National ID Cards?

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This week the big debate focuses on national ID cards and whether we need them or not. Would they help reduce the threat of terrorism and assist crime fighting in general? Are they a deterrent that would once and for all swing the pendulum of justice the good guy’s way or are they a blunt instrument with limited potential? Rather than countering terrorism would they instead infringe upon our freedoms and create true Orwellian big government? After all the terrorist bombings in Madrid in 2003 were not stopped as a result of Spain’s national ID card policy so what hope future terrorists will also not find loopholes and get around the very system put in place to inhibit their activities? In short are national ID cards an accident waiting to happen or an important step on the path to securing our nation’s security?

All this week we’ll be debating these issues and more. Join us on Twitter and have your say by using the hash tag #nationalid.

Here’s the schedule
Monday = Retired Police Officer Juli Adcock is back with her considered view points on whether a National ID Card for the USA is a weak link in our national security program?

Tuesday = Dan Simane is back with another of his infographics this time arguing ‘The Case For National ID Cards’.

Wednesday = Chief of Police Scott Silverii tackles the National ID Card Pros And Cons.

Thursday = Dan Simane returns with another infographic this time making the opposite argument to earlier in the week with ‘The Case Against National ID cards’.

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