18 Feb 2013

Debate Of The Week: Is The Random Drug Testing Of Students A Good Or Bad Idea?

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It’s the start of another fine week of debating and this week we’re turning our attentions to the contentious issue of drug testing high school and college students or, to put it like the title says, is the random drug testing of students a good or bad idea? Like many problems early intervention can be a great means of stopping the development of bad habits and cycles starting. But does random drug testing work or does it stigmatize kids, make them more suspicious of authority figures in general? Moreover is it an infringement on their constitutional rights or a necessary evil?

Have your say all this week by leaving your comments on each blog post and by joining us on Twitter for live discussions using the hash tag #studrugtests.

Here’s the schedule
Monday = Juli Adcock looks at the issue from her field service experience and asks is random drug testing boon or boondoggle?

Tuesday = Dan Simane is back with another great looking infographics this time making the case FOR random drug testing of students.

Wednesday = Police Chief Scott Silverii is back with another no nonsense opinion piece based on his experience of working with kids throughout his years on the force.

Thursday = Dan Simane comes racing back this time with an infographic which lays out all the points AGAINST random drug testing of students. The amount he plays Devil’s advocate you wonder if he might have a split personality!

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