04 Feb 2013

Debate Of The Week: How We Can Best Protect Our Schools From Future Shooting Tragedies

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This week’s debate focuses on the vital issue of how to protect our schools from further school shootings in the wake of the appalling Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. We need to ensure nothing like that ever happens again. As such we pulled the collective wisdom of Chief of Police Scott Silverii, someone who has been involved in responding to an active shooter experience in a school, Caroline Hamilton, our resident facilities security expert and Juli Adcock who has actively patrolled school properties and brings her frontline experience to bear.

Here is the schedule:
Chief of Police Scott Silverii investigates school shooting risk factors and how school administrators, Principals and the community at large can help reduce the risks:

Juli Adcock looks at the practicalities of the NRA’s proposal to have armed security guards in every school and what other options should also be considered:

Chief of Police Scott Silverii gives us a first person account of the day he heard someone with a gun was attacking a school in his district and how the extensive training he and his team had previously undertaken kicked in and took over:

Caroline Hamilton discusses the reasons why the security profession needs to be at the forefront of any proposals to improve school security plans:

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