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11 Dec 2014

Top Pressure Cooker Reviews

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1. Fagor Pressure Cooker – The Leading Brand Fagor Pressure Cooker is one of the most discussed kitchenware products for its durability, safety features and affordability. It has been manufactured by one of the largest appliance distributors in the continent, and in operation since 1954. It was considered as one of the pioneers of cooker […]

15 May 2013

Your Cause Must be Greater Than Your Circumstances

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A Simple Welcome I recently attended a meeting for the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Research Advisory Committee (RAC) co-chaired by Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis. He personally greeted the attendees to his wonderfully historic city and to the landmark site of the meeting. He briefly spoke about the events leading up to and following […]

13 Mar 2013

Keystone Cops & The Evolution Of Policing; Have We Evolved?

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Keystone Cops & The Evolution Of Policing; Have We Evolved Evolution; Merriam-Webster’s definition best represents my conversation about America’s Political Era of Policing; (1): a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to a higher, more complex, or better state : growth (2): a process of gradual and relatively peaceful social, political, […]

27 Feb 2013

National ID Card Pros And Cons

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I was asked by a very concerned lady about a month ago why an officer stopping her for a traffic violation, wanted the social security number. She said it made her uncomfortable and initially refused to give that information. Fast forward to last week. Same lady reports she was a victim of fraud. Guess what […]

30 Jan 2013

Did You See How She Was Dressed? Theories Of Victimology Discussed

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It’s all her fault; look how she dressed. It’s all his fault; listen to how he bullied me. It’s all their fault; they should go back to their own country. Heard these before? How do we as a society begin to approach criminal victimization? Yes, you can walk on well-lit streets, lock your doors, and […]

19 Nov 2012

Word Challenge

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What’s the first word that pops up? Try out this word challenge! Want to use this graphic on your next post? Just copy the embed code below:

05 Nov 2012

Vigilantism Pros and Cons – A Security Professionals Perspective

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The term vigilantism evokes dark and disturbing images to the minds of many in the general public, as well as those charged with providing law enforcement and security services. Part of the challenge is that the term is difficult to precisely define; a person watching out for a neighborhood is vigilantism to others. For my […]

15 Oct 2012

If You Want An Education Go To The Library Quote

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Not a bad quote from old Mr Zappa. Still there’s more to learning about life than just books. Please use this picture on your blog by posting the below code into your blog:

08 Oct 2012

Education For A College We Cannot Afford Quote

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This quote somehow rings true. Still better to strive for a good education every time. Use this on your next blog post:

01 Oct 2012

College Is A Refuge From Hasty Judgement Quote

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A slightly more nuanced college quote for today. Hope all you campus security staff that read the blog see some semblance of truth in this. Please comment and let us know what you think. Please feel free to use this image in your next blog post. Just grab the following code and paste it in […]