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03 Oct 2012

School Safety Injuries & Prevention

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Here’s an interesting video I found on YouTube made by the International trauma program and intended as part of a school safety program to prevent injuries. In the video Jody Carter advises students to take the following actions: 1) Don’t talk to strangers 2) Go to school before it starts 3) Yell and run when […]

28 Sep 2012

Drill tests emergency preparedness – YouTube

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A pretty interesting video on some drill test emergency preparedness run throughs. When was the last time you enacted one at your facility?

25 Sep 2012

Dorm Room Security Essentials: Hidden Closet Dorm Safe

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Security on the college campus is the responsibility of the security officer and also the individual student. This video displays a dorm safe that is able to provide a level of security for boarding school and college student’s valuables and important documents. Although, not totally secure as seen in the video, a cover that is […]

12 Sep 2012

Concealed Firearms on Campus?

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There has always been a hot debate about students “packing heat” on campus. The big uproar initially happened on the University of Texas campus when students were found to be carrying a concealed firearm with them. Now all of this discussion has turned to the campus of the University of South Carolina. A student’s dorm […]