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04 Mar 2013

Debate Of The Week: Can Racial Profiling Ever Be Justified?

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It’s another week and so time to look at another contentious issue namely whether racial profiling can ever be justified. Does it play a part in Policing and security operations? Can it ever be justified? The considered wisdom of team take on this emotive issue calling on years of Policing and security work to […]

14 Jan 2013

School Safety Security Plan Review Checklist: What Would You Do If 911 Failed?

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As part of our school safety security plan review checklist I want to take you back to an incident from the summer of 2012 when Murphy’s Law struck and 911 failed and ask you what would you do? On June 29, 2012, a derecho, a thunderstorm similar to a hurricane making landfall, struck Northern Virginia. […]

08 Jan 2013

Mass Evacuation Planning – How To Make Your Plan Robust And For All Seasons

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A comprehensive security plan for any facility includes emergency mass evacuation planning. Those responsible for security and management of a facility must identify, anticipate and plan for the unique factors within the facility and those who inhabit it. The plan should include both short term and long term evacuations, as well as sheltering in place, […]

08 Jan 2013

Debate Of The Week: School Safety and Emergency Preparedness

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This week’s string of expert posts look at the issue of School Safety and Emergency Preparedness. Is your school prepared for the unexpected? Are safeguards in place should 911 fail or an active shooter event take place? How safe are your kids under such plans? Is your school being effectively patrolled? When was the last […]

21 Dec 2012

Facility Security – Effective Patrol Techniques

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We have all seen dramatic TV shows and movies depicting criminal masterminds plotting to target banks and other high level secured facilities by timing down to the second when guards patrol, the number of guards and how long it takes to get from one point to another, without being detected. It makes for great entertainment, […]

17 Dec 2012

Mass School Shootings In America; Lessons To Be Learned

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The tragic shooting spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School, is the latest in a long line of tragic mass school shootings in America which show no signs of abating. Such events shock and horrify us as individuals, as well as society as a whole. Feelings of helplessness, fear, outrage and grief for the families galvanize […]

10 Dec 2012

Complacency In Facility Security Management – Your Biggest Enemy

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One of the greatest challenges to maintaining facility security and personnel safety for administrators and security professionals alike is the inevitable tendency to settle into a comfortable routine, also known as complacency. It is a natural human tendency, well documented in scientific studies, for the human brain to relegate repetitive or routine activities to “autopilot”. […]

26 Nov 2012

Securing Your Facility, What Works?

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The field of facility security is a vast, constantly changing challenge for professionals tasked with ensuring that physical structures, the content of those structures and personnel working at facilities are protected. Technological advances in cameras, sensors, ID badges, computer security, both hardware and software and even training for security professionals evolve so quickly that by […]

12 Nov 2012

4 Reasons Why You Need Door Access Control System At Your Facility

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Any type of facility where there are large numbers of people present requires the very best security system possible. Up until recently, many buildings relied exclusively on ID cards to maintain incoming and outgoing traffic. Unfortunately, an ID card installation cannot solve all security access problems on their own and, as a result, many businesses […]