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07 May 2013

[Infographic] How Police Departments Use Twitter

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Interesting infographic on Police departments use Twitter as a means of sharing information with their communities. The site BrightPlanet recently did a study to uncover exactly how police departments are using Twitter. They found that Police departments mostly use twitter to send out updates on their own activity and traffic updates. They do also […]

06 May 2013

Paterson may require security cameras at liquor businesses

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According to, officials in Patterson New Jersey may begin to require security cameras at liquor businesses in the city. They have hopes of cutting back on the panhandling, loitering and narcotics activity they have been experiencing at some locations. Last year officials tried to get liquor stores and stores alike that stay open late […]

06 May 2013

5 Ways to Browse the Web Privately

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Good information from Most people  think all web surfing is private and nobody is really paying any attention. Unfortunately, there are many people, particularly in the form of marketers and advertisers, and some governments watching every move you make. There are several ways to protect yourself and you should consider implementing them. Read the […]

06 May 2013

Real Solutions for School Safety

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A good article from A national debate continues on what increased level of security, if any, is needed in our schools, what types of firearms should be banned, and how to predict which individuals in our community will commit mass murder. Sometimes the best answers come when we stop listening to everyone else and […]

03 May 2013

Stores’ surveillance cameras can help crack crimes

Comments Off Campus Security News repots that many stores have surveillance cameras like Lord & Taylor, and have helped police identify suspects and solve crimes. The Lord & Taylor in Boston helped police identity the suspects of the Boston Marathon Bombings. Officials are urging stores and commercial retailers to equip there store with surveillance for their safety and for […]

03 May 2013

In emergencies, hospital preparedness goes beyond planning

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A good read at Being prepared at a hospital is the most important key to successfully caring for patients and often times saving lives. The preparedness of hospitals was greatly tested in Boston recently when there were 144 patients injured in the Boston Marathon bombings. Sixty two of them are still at Boston hospitals, […]

03 May 2013

New Gun Laws Won’t Prevent Another Sandy Hook

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Interesting post at It is a hard pill to swallow, but lots of experts have come to the conclusion that there is no way to prevent mass school shootings. Law makers and the American people seem to think that implementing new and more strict gun control laws will stop or cut back on dangerous […]

04 Mar 2013

Racial Profiling Justification – What Is It And Can It Ever Justified?

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There are very few subjects in law enforcement that are more controversial and complex than racial profiling. The first issue is how to establish a clear, consistent definition to be able to measure whether or not racial profiling is occurring. The second issue is once an effective definition is established, how to accurately review law […]

21 Feb 2013

This House Does Not Support Random Drug Testing In Schools

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All this week we’ve been looking at the issue of random drug testing in schools. Is it right to do this to students against their will or do the benefits of stopping a problem before it takes hold out weigh such considerations? Well today’s graphic makes the clear argument against random drug testing in schools […]

20 Feb 2013

Why I Support Student Drug Testing In Schools

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I was asked my position on random drug testing in our schools. Obviously, nothing is ever simply answered with an “I’m for it”… except in this case! Why am I for student drug testing in schools is simple? It serves as a deterrent and a means for identifying students in need of help. Before you […]