New to Modern Ceiling Fans? Here’s What You Need to Know

When you choose a modern ceiling fan for your home, it would depend on numerous factors such as the style, shape, and size whether you got the right one. Check them out here.

Also, it is essential to look at the height of your ceiling, the location, and room lighting. Knowing these factors will help you in choosing the right fan for different rooms in your home.

There are various types of modern ceiling fans, each with their characteristics. Some fans are more suited to indoor use while others are better for outdoor use.

You should consider the style, size, as well as the model before making your purchasing decision. Let’s look at the different types of ceiling fans.

Standard Fans

They are set up on a sloped or flat ceiling with a metal pipe joining the bracket to the motor housing. This lets the fan blades be suspended 7 feet above the ground as prescribed by the national electrical code. Therefore, these fans can be utilized for areas having a ceiling of 8 feet or above.

Fans with Lights

They integrate overhead light components and house fixtures.

They are consistent with a compact, halogen, and incandescent, fluorescent bulbs. You determine the style you like.

Low Profile Fans

They are useful for places with a low ceiling height of below eight feet. They are installed on the bracket which causes them to hang seven feet above the ground.

The air flow is moderate when these fans are turned on. However, they are nevertheless sufficient in moving hot air in the home.

Energy Star Fans

They have aerodynamic blades and power-saving motors. With energy star-rated fans you receive twenty percent energy saving efficiency than the standard fans. However, fans fitted with integrated lights are fifty percent efficient than the usual fans.

Outdoor Fans

They are fitted with motors resistant to disturbances owing to evaporation and humidity. They are manufactured of blades which can tolerate different weather conditions without deforming.

You can either choose UL-rated damp fans or UL-rated wet fans.

Damp ceiling fans are immune to humidity and moisture and thus can be utilized in balconies, sunrooms, and covered patios without being exposed to drizzle. Wet fans can be employed in decks, verandas, and gazebo as they can hold up snow.

Dual Motor Fans

They have two alterable fan heads that are supported via horizontal frames that is extended from the small motor. High-performance motors make them more powerful than ordinary fans.

They have lovely designs that offer decorative appeal to your patio, dining room, or the living room.

Remote Controlled Fans

Remote-controlled fans provide one with the convenience of turning on and switching off the fan with just the press of a button. The remote sends a unique signal to the receiver, which is usually hung in the covering which prompts a change of direction and speed of the fan.

They are well suited to homeowners who cannot reach the fans when making adjustments.

Wall Fans

They are made to save space and mounted directly on the walls. The fans result in a minimal movement of air so that you can use them in cooling and ventilation systems.

Desk Fans

These are portable cooling systems suited to smaller areas. You can make use of them in rooms that range from 75 to 120 square feet, making them desirable for home offices and cubicles.

Adjusting airflow is governed by the rotary switch while a toggle switch governs side-to-side flow. Some of these fans have a lever that can alter the angle of the fan’s head.

Purpose of the Ceiling Fan

Before shortlisting the proper fan to put in in your room, you must be clear about its meaning. Will it be the only fan in the area or will it operate in unison with other ceiling fans? Will it be an ornamental or dual purpose- both for lighting and cooling the area? Commonsensical as it sounds, many ignore this step to bemoan their investment decision because the fan they chose lacks the functionality required.

As can be seen, aesthetics though important, cannot be your sole concern when picking modern-day ceiling fans. The purpose of the fan, width of your apartment, the height of your ceiling and even preference of control type should all be taken into review too if you need to select a fan that is both fascinating and practical.

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