29 Oct 2012

Are Campus ID Cards Easy To Fake?

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These days, the majority of campuses have a plan in place where all students can use just one ID card for several functions. Whether that be to gain access to certain areas of a complex or building, school meal program, transportation or to pay for goods in certain stores. They perform an important function in campus life. From a security standpoint the obvious reason for holding an ID card is to ensure students and faculty can identify themselves if required when entering certain areas of the campus. So just how secure are typical ID card systems and how easily can they be faked? It is, after all, a question that can have significant repercussions for security personnel and their jobs if and when a secure area is breached.

Fraudsters can obtain Fake ID Cards

Producing fake ID cards is a growing industry in countries such as China, but they can also be obtained in Europe as well as the USA. The technology which is used to produce these cards is so sophisticated that a fake can be difficult to spot. Indeed, digital holograms can be easily replicated and ink is used which is invisible to the naked eye and only appears under ultraviolet light. A person wanting a fake ID card to use on a particular campus can simply complete a form online and pay between $75 and $200 to get hold of what they need.

Unfortunately, students are turning to fake IDs in order to appear older than they actually are. Producing a fake ID card can help them to get served in bars or stores enabling them to buy alcohol. This type of dishonesty can cause a whole host of problems. For example, a student who is intoxicated could get behind the wheel of a car and cause a major accident.

As well as students taking advantage of fake ID cards, it opens the door to potential assailants and terrorists. In short, fake IDs can place the entire campus under threat.

Equipment is accessible to the public

Currently, members of the general public are able to get their hands on both the hardware and software needed to produce fake IDs. ID printers with special features can be bought either online or on the black market. These printers can produce magnetic stripes, chips, holograms and barcodes which make the fake ID cards seem like the real deal. But regardless of the fact that the public have access to this equipment, they can still easily pay someone else to produce a fake ID card for them.

The fact that this equipment is relatively easy to get hold of could cause an incomprehensible amount of problems for schools, universities and colleges. Although machines are currently in use in order to identify fake ID cards, not all campuses have this modern technology attached to their security systems. Of course, these machines are not all 100% fool proof at spotting fakes. This is because the new generation of fake ID cards can fool the untrained eye as well as modern machinery.

Fake IDs are also used for driver’s licenses and passports so it’s certainly a growing problem which needs to be taken seriously by the appropriate authorities. Computers and modern technology have made it possible to produce believable fake ID cards which in turn have made it easier for criminals to gain access to campuses. It’s certainly clear why there are people lobbying for the right to carry firearms. With the threat of people using fraudulent means to gain access to campuses, the need for personal security becomes far greater.

What are you doing to reduce the risk of fake IDs infiltrating your campus and facility? How up to date are you with the latest fake ID technology and have you ever busted a fake ID ring on your campus? If so we’d love to hear from you.

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