14 Dec 2012

Another School Shooting Tragedy – Why Teachers Should Be Armed?

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With news just in of yet another tragic school shooting incident at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton, Conneticut, is it time we faced up to the fact that whilst guns are so readily available on our streets, schools remain an easy target? School and campus security teams can surely only do so much. Surely it’s time we face the fact that teachers should be armed?

As previously argued in a past post it seems only fair to the rights of the children in class that they should be protected. Who is going to do that? A first responder 10 minutes away or the teacher in class who is there and present and able to protect the children under his or her watch? How many more tragedies need to occur before we face up to the fact that schools are and will remain vulnerable so long as there is no perceived threat on the part of the would be attacker?

I hate to say it, as I don’t want kids in the line of fire as much as the next guy, but there comes a time when you think “Well OK, something’s not working here. How many more lives need to be ruined before we work on different solutions?” If nothing else it is a debate worth having.

I just pray for the families of all those affected by today’s tragic incident.

Why Teachers Should Be Armed

Why teachers should be armed
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