20 Sep 2012

A Bigger and Better ID Market is Coming

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Experts have recently concluded that the government, healthcare and citizen ID market will reach an expected end user market value in excess of $86 million between the years 2012 and 2017. The bulk of this revenue will be generated through the issuing of “contactless” cards, including national ID cards and e-passports, which totaled cumulative shipments of 209 million, and are predicted to reach as high as 489 million by 2017.

The new, and increasingly popular, contactless identification cards have had great international success all over the world, including throughout China, Egypt and Germany. This trend for countries to use contactless interface is predicted to increase and France, Poland, Brazil and Russia are all expected to adopt this identification method in the next couple of years. Contactless ID use is expected to grow from 49% this year to 61% during 2017.

There are many benefits to having a large contactless ID market. The project could be the beginning of a whole new range of services and products that includes both online and offline platforms, across both government and commercial sections and increases revenue for everybody involved.

The smart cards in government and healthcare citizen identification cards are both prime examples of how much this technology can help improve our identification systems. It has enabled people to work off of an infrastructure that provides them with analysis, data and info right at their fingertips.

In a society where changing one’s identify is as simple as logging onto the web and buying a fake passport or driver’s license, it is important for government, schools and businesses to require people to have highly advanced forms of photo identification. This will not only prevent fraud but will help to protect folks from identity thieves, theft and bogus voting results.

The ID market should keep expanding to help keep our citizens safe. As long as new technologies in identification keep being invented, we will be able to stay one step ahead of fraud and crime. Contactless ID’s as well as other forms of photo and personal identification can help protect us in all sectors of life, from residential and commercial to governmental. Without IDs, people would not be able to prove to others who they were and could potentially lose countless amounts of money as well as other personal items.

It is essential to the public’s safety for the ID market to continue to grow.

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