15 Nov 2012

5 Reasons Why You Need A QR Code ID Card System

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A QR (Quick Response) code is similar to an old-fashioned barcode and it has the capacity to store an unlimited amount of information within a symbol. QR codes seem to be everywhere you look these days from menus to magazines and the use of them is certainly growing at a rapid rate. Because of their many benefits, many businesses are now incorporating QR code ID card systems into their security practises.

QR Code ID Card System

Simple and Fast to Set up

Employers can now sign up for the free Timestation service. This enables business owners and managers to print out a separate ID card for every individual employee. Each ID card comes with its own unique QR code. Once the Timestation application has been successfully downloaded to an iOS device, employees can use their cards to clock in and out of the workplace each day. A QR system is far less expensive to install and maintain than other security ID systems because there are no servers to maintain or software to update.

Manages Time and Attendance

Because a QR code ID card has a 360 degree readability function, it provides accurate records of staff attendance, absence and punctuality. The actual code does not distort so these ID cards are far more durable than other types which are available. QR code ID cards are also easy to update with new information so if a member of staff moves house or changes their phone number, the ID card can be updated immediately.

Faster Readability

If ID card systems were to be compared to a car then a QR code ID would be the Ferrari of ID systems thanks to its super fast reading capabilities. This function makes entering and exiting facilities much more efficient so that little time is wasted on security and access. The system would also be quick to identify invalid cards which would be good in terms of strengthening the security of a building. A super quick scan can reveal a whole host of information which will reveal whether a person has access to a building or not.

Large Capacity for Storage

Due to the fact that a QR ID card has unlimited storage they are the ideal solution for larger companies and organizations such as government buildings and colleges. In larger companies, there are usually hundreds or even thousands of employees and so the potential for damage to ID cards can be quite high. Luckily, even if a QR code is damaged, it can still be read efficiently so this can certainly cut costs for businesses. As well as personal information about the individual, a QR code can also store photographs, video footage and other information which can be accessed by a scanning device. This is a useful tool for higher management to record data while they are on work premises. This information can then be read by a smart phone or tablet.

Easy to Create and Customize

The great thing about QR codes is that because of the way technology has evolved, companies can create their very own unique code so that it displays a logo or brand. Many businesses use specific colors to distinguish their ID cards from other cards. Indeed, some of them are considered to be works of art. The reason that QR codes are so easy to create is that there is a lot of free software available in order to customize your brand.

A QR code ID card system offers a cutting edge way to keep your premises safe and secure in an affordable way. As well as offering the ideal way for employees to gain access to certain areas of a building, it can also double up as a clever marketing tool which could help to promote your business.

Do you feel that you could improve the security of your particular business? During the current global economic downtown, crime levels are rising so can you afford to turn a blind eye to security issues?

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