12 Nov 2012

4 Reasons Why You Need Door Access Control System At Your Facility

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Any type of facility where there are large numbers of people present requires the very best security system possible. Up until recently, many buildings relied exclusively on ID cards to maintain incoming and outgoing traffic. Unfortunately, an ID card installation cannot solve all security access problems on their own and, as a result, many businesses are turning to door access control systems to complement their existing ID card solution.

1. All Access Is Controlled From a PC

Many door access control systems use a tag and reader method. Each person is issued with a card which is authorized to open specific doors at certain times of the day. A card will open all doors which have been assigned which means there are no need for separate keys or ID cards.

The reader is located on the controlled side of the door and this is where the card is presented. If a card is authorized at that time to open that door then the user will be able to gain entry. Usage of cards can also be restricted when needed, for example if a manager did not want certain employees to have access to sensitive documents.

The core of the system is the controller. This is the computerized system which stores all of the information about the card, and it feeds to a reader via a PC which instantly recognizes whether a person has the right to gain entry or not. This type of installation removes the need to employ security staff on the inside of premises.

2. Security Is Much Better

A door access control system alleviates the problem of doors being accidently left open or unlocked on the inside of a building. Doors will lock automatically, which is a real bonus in places such as hospitals, prisons and schools. However, most systems have been designed so that it can be programmed to leave certain doors unlocked at specific times.

3. Zones Can Be Controlled

Because all access rights are controlled via the PC, it’s possible to leave certain areas unlocked when necessary. For example, a school could program their particular door access system to allow access to parents on occasions such as school concerts or parents evenings. This makes certain areas of the school easier to access during events and allows things to run more smoothly.

Outside doors can still be accessed by visitors if there is a security camera installed but if a visitor needs to enter the building then he or she will have to officially apply for a card. Each card holds a unique number which is stored on an electronic chip, and the reader is actually hard wired to control entry to specific areas. Because this system has complete control over who has access to a site, it significantly reduces the amount of security risks such as robberies, terrorism or armed assailants.

4. No Expense For Replacements

With a regular ID card security plan, it’s common for card holders to lose or damage their cards. These cards then have to be replaced which can take time and cost. Also, if a stranger found an ID card, he or she may try and gain access to a particular building and this can greatly compromise security. If a card is lost, it can simply be deleted from the system so that there would be no danger of an unauthorized person using it if they found it.

Door access control systems have been innovatively designed so that every aspect of security is covered. The locks on each door are electro-mechanical which makes them fail safe and allows buildings to be protected from unwanted intruders, but they also incorporate the need for mass exits during emergencies.

Have you recently installed a door access control system at your facility? How is it working out for you? Did you encounter any problems after installation? Please share your experiences for others to learn from.

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