Muzzle Brakes for Rifles to Improve Accuracy of Shooting

Many customers choose to have 223 muzzle brakes fitted to their rifle. There are a couple of major benefits to doing so, including reduced recoil, less shooter fatigue during extended sessions and improved target acquisition concerning the taking of follow up shots or spotting impacts. State of the art machine shops like MadHouse Design will install just about any 223 muzzle brake a shooter desires. Click here to learn more.

At one stage, a rifle owner tried to incorporate a combo flash hider/brake on different carbines but discovered that they do not perform the desired functions, as well as they, should have. One exception was that he experienced heavier recoiling with the .50 BMG gun he had. No doubt, one would require more accuracy, comfort and less recoil when shooting with a heavy hitter. At this point, the owner of the rifle realized just how well brakes improve efficiency.

At another time and place, someone decided to build threaded barrels in pursuit of improving his accuracy when shooting with his .308 Win. As a keen gunner, he would usually recommend a bull barrel. Especially if it is a premium performance, you are after. However, when one has a need for less muzzle movement and greater flash reductions, then a much better decision has to be made concerning the kind of muzzle device you’ll use.

Case in point, when a 5.56 version was built on the .308 Win, the gunner noticed a marked improvement regarding the felt recoil that got reduced to the level of a .22 LR. Amazing, isn’t it? What happened is that the brake compelled the rifle he used to move right back during recoil, resulting in the reticle of the scope to remain on point as long as his body position remained intact. After all, braking a small bore rifle isn’t exactly a comfortable issue to deal with as it’s all about accuracy shooting. Therefore, a properly controlled muzzle will yield a sterling performance downrange.

Who of you remembers a time where 223 muzzle brakes formed a permanent part of rifles? One chap recalls a time where his was pinned and welded, which reminded him of the brakes you see on artillery pieces. Besides, there was a time when Army issued M4 carbines had A2 style combo flash suppressor/muzzle brakes fitted that didn’t perform all that well.

During 2016, someone custom designed his rifle to accommodate the fitment of modern day muzzle brakes. Great was his surprise when he experienced exceptional accuracy levels with each shooting at 100 yards with .75-inch groups that also yielded superb muzzle control.

It is only fair to mention that muzzle brakes and compensator do come with baggage. When it comes to tactical shooting when your firing position needs to be concealed, efficient braking generally turns out to be more of a liability than an asset. The thing is that they tend to produce copious flash out from the barrels and ports. However, it is the blast that follows and result in vegetation and dust being thrown around that gets a shooter spotted when it is the last thing they need.

There are some suitable options, though, to overcome this hurdle in the form of combination brakes that might be worth looking at. On the other hand, it sure makes one proud to notice a tangible difference in your accuracy downrange by having a brake fitted.

In this regard, the Triple-Port Muzzle Brake (TMB) by MadHouse Design sure comes in handy for precision riflemen when shooting from a prone position. The brake features three precision ports on either side followed by a solid bottom to ensure minimum dust signature. All the ports are top vented to help reduce muzzle climb. It is remarkable how well it strikes a balance between recoil reduction without having to worry about increased concussion or rearward blast. With no ports facing up, the shooter will experience an uninterrupted view of his target, and that from the muzzle flash. These brakes are machined from 303 stainless steel to ensure extra strength and protection against corrosion of any kind. MadHouse Design made their brakes available in 5 finished and 5 calibers that would accommodate any rifle configuration.

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