TheBadgeGuys.com is here for all those who are concerned by school and campus security issues, facility security, emergency management and crime trends. We discuss everything from the concealed carry campus debate, whether teachers should be armed, the practicalities of armed guards at schools right through to workplace violence, armed response and much, much more.

In short come here to share your passion, your gripes, your ideas and your stories because we are here 24/7 so don’t be a stranger.

Who are The Badge Guys?

Badge Guy Number 1 AKA Greg Stephens

Greg StephensI have a passion for security. I have worked on security teams at events and churches for many years and work tirelessly to help to improve the security identification field.

I am the founder of Safe-Card ID Services, a photo identification card company in business for over 26 years. I am also a patent holder for a child safety identification tag, have certified EMT training. Safe-Card ID is a Fargo, Zebra, Magicard, Datacard, & Evolis certified dealer and service center.

In my spare time I love scuba diving and am a certified diver, registered licensed auto mechanic, and have won awards in hand gun shooting. I’m also a Youth Director and Associate Pastor. In short I’m a people helper and I look forward to sharing the wisdom of my years in the ID card and security fields with those who need it.

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Badge Guy Number 2 AKA Nikki Stephens

Nikki StephensI have been a K12 teacher for nigh on a decade now as well as a corporate trainer. I love teaching because I get great pleasure from challenging young minds and inspiring creative thinking and problem solving. As a result I am also passionate about school security issues, access control and, in particular, ID cards having worked in the industry for close to 20 years. The safety of the kids under my charge is paramount.

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Badge Guy Number 3 AKA Juli Adcock

Juli AdcockI served as a patrol deputy with the Escambia County Florida Sheriff’s Office until I was injured in a riot situation. I transferred to Judicial Security and retired in 1998. Since then I have pursued career advancement training with an emphasis on officer survival, interviews and interrogation. I worked with a Rape Crisis Center and in victim’s advocacy, complementing my college course work in Psychology.

At present I work as an instructor with The Appleseed Project (www.appleseedinfo.org), a rifle marksmanship clinic teaching the fundamentals of firing an accurate round downrange every 4 seconds, out to 500 yards, as well as American history. I have trained military personnel at White Sands Missile Range who are certifying as Squad Designated Marksmen, as well as basic handgun skills to new gun owners in preparation for responsible personal gun ownership.

I take facility security very seriously hence why I am part of TheBadgeGuys.com.

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Badge Guy Number 4 AKA Chief of Police Scott Silverii

Hurricane Katrina SWATI am a native of south Louisiana’s Cajun Country and have recently retired after serving 4-1/2 years as the Chief of Police for the City of Thibodaux, Louisiana. I spent twenty-one years with the CALEA accredited Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office allowing me the opportunity to serve in various capacities including 12 years narcotics, 16 years SWAT as well as Divisional Commands over Investigations, Special Services, and Patrol.

During these years, I earned a Master of Public Administration and a Ph.D. in Urban Studies (Anthropology) while traveling over 200 miles back and forth to the University of New Orleans. I am fortunate to continue my passion for education by teaching college courses and contributing my expertise in data-driven approaches to crime and traffic safety at national conferences and workshops sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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Badge Guy Number 5 AKA Caroline Ramsey-Hamilton

Caroline HamiltonCaroline Ramsey-Hamilton is a leading expert in assessing risk facilities security, workplace violence and security for hospitals, cyber-security, nuclear security, and also measuring compliance with security standards like FEMA 426-428, Joint Commission, HIPAA and OSHA. She has developed security programs with the National Security Agency, the U.S. Department of Defense and the National Institute of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and many other agencies, and has developed a school security risk program with Eastern Kentucky University.

Caroline is a member of the ASIS Physical Security Council, the ASIS Information Security Security Council, and on the Board of the South Florida chapter of IAHSS (International Association for Hospital Safety & Security). She received the Distinguished Service award from the Maritime Security Council, and the Anti-Terrorism Accreditation Board’s Distinguished Service award in 2011.

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Badge Guy Number 6 AKA Dan Simane

I have worked in the security field for the best years of my life and enjoy every moment. I started at college and have worked my way through the system and now specialize in ID card implementations and facility management security protocols.

In my spare time I love watching football, coaching my little league soccer team and generally being around friends and family.

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